Paul Crouch, Amstetten

Hello, my name is Paul Crouch RSA. 1 was born in 1958, and as a child traveled east Asia with my parents living in Malaysia, Hang Kong, and Singapore and then finally settling down in the UK, 1 had a standard education with basic grades, but I did do weil in art. After I left school 1 went to Rochester college of art and design for 3 years. 1 had many jobs in the UK, from working in a supermarket to driving a taxi I was never really happy with all my jobs, then I moved to Austria and began working as an English native speaker, which I do today, 1 love my job very much and it gives me time to make my art, 1 really hope you enjoy my work because I have much more to show you. Love and peace to you all. Paul.

Aktuelle Werke

in Acryl und Öl